HLT54115 Nursing



Investigations of reading network disturbances using fMRI in children suffering from ocular motility

Dyslexia is defined as a neurological disorder which has a genetic origin however the biological as well as the cognitive reasons behind this are still under investigation. This study aims to undergo a comparative analysis in order to study the difference in the neural networking among the three groups of children.

One with dyslexia and another group with functional monocular vision and another group are developing readers. The brain activation pattern in the neural imaging will be done through testing the English reading skills among the group of children.

The brain activation pattern will mainly be studied with the help to high resolution fMRI tests. The results will help in detailed classification of the neurological disorder prevailing among the children with dyslexia and other learning disability and its relation with the vision impairments. The results will help to design phonological awareness and proper language development for children with dyslexia. This will help in easy recovery and improvement in the coping skills with learning disability.

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