HLT54115 Nursing


You are a student nurse working on the CPU ward.  Whilst completing a set of observations on your patient you notice that one of the registered nurses is angry with you. The registered nurse raises their voice stating, “What are you doing”? “You are doing it all wrong move out of the way”, “I do not have time for this let me do it” in front of the patient. You then proceed to leave the room and check on another patient. The same nurse follows you and starts yelling “What are you still doing here please leave, I cannot work with incompetent nurses, go and take Mr. Jones in bed 9 for a shower”.

The registered nurse refuses to work with you all shift and does not want to teach you anything.

Reflect on this scenario and describe how you would feel in this situation?

As a team discuss the scenario and list ways you could have better handled the situation

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