HLT54115 Nursing


This includes housing, education, availability of food, finances, social support, healthcare support and systems and security. Research has illustrated that there is a clear link between SDoH and health inequalities. For example, poverty generally means that there is reduced ability to access healthcare services, low levels of education are related to reduced incomes and higher disease prevalence (Department of Health, 2013). As healthcare providers it is important that you avoid placing blame on individuals for their poor health status as many are unable to change the SDoH which affect their lives.

Indigenous Health Perspectives

There is a 17 year life-expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. As Marmont (2011) explains, this is primarily the result of two issues: social disadvantage and the relationship between Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians. In respect to social disadvantage this encompasses the following six domains:

  • earlychild development;
  • education and skills development
  • employment and working conditions
  • minimum income for healthy living
  • sustainable communities
  • a social-determinants approach to prevention.

In relation to the second issue, Indigenous Australians must be provided with the opportunity to create the living conditions that enables them to live autonomously within society. Irrespective of whether the Indigenous family is located in a rural or metropolitan area, without the six domains of health, poor health is an inevitable consequence. The challenge for health professionals is how to improve the health and wellbeing of Indigenous people, families and communities through the application of sound research and health information (Marmont, 2011).

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