HLT54115 Nursing


A copy of the article of the nursing related event that you must reflect upon for this essay is available on vUWS in the assessment 1 folder located in the assessments tab. Using the GIBBS Reflective Cycle (Gibbs, 1988) reflect on this rursing-related event. 

Students will write an appropriately structured essay that includes the following:
• A comprehensive description of the event.
• An explanation of how the event made you feel and why it made you feel this way.
• An evaluation of the positive and negative aspects of this event from both the patient and nurse’s perspective and the implications of these.
• An analysis of the learning that transpired from this event. Describes the aspects that affected your own learning. Discusses the impact this will have upon your nursing practice.
• Identification of what you can do to enhance your own learning from this event and develop an action plan.
• Identification and discussion of new knowledge that is required to facilitate and enact the action plan. • The essay may be written impersonally in third person, but students may choose to write the reflection in the first person. 
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