HLT54115 Diploma Of Nursing


You are to read the case study then write an essay which outlines a patient-centred nursing care plan for Irosha.

The aim of the written care plan is to provide direction for indivualised care of the patient.  A care plan is organised identify the patient’s problems using health assessment date and organised to meet specific needs for the individual. The care plan is also a means to communicate/document the actions of the various nursing staff attending to and caring for the patient.

Case study

Irosha Vaderi is a 68 year old lady with metastatic breast cancer. Irosha was diagnosed with breast cancer 9 years ago and following treatment was considered in remission. Eight months ago Irosha sought advice from her General Practitioner following appearances of lumps near her mastectomy site. She reported shortness of breath and longstanding dry cough. Following a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) it was confirmed that the cancer has metastasized to her lungs. After several appointments with her oncologist an informed decision was made between the health care professionals, Irosha and her family that the treatment would continue as palliative care only.

Irosha has a subcutaneous cannula and syringe driver in situ, delivering morphine and metoclopramide. She is ordered oral Ordine liquid prn for breakthrough pain relief. Irosha is from Sri Lanka lives with her husband, son and daughter-in-law and four grandchildren. Her son is not coping with the Advance Care Directive. Irosha has a fungating chest wound with malodorous exudate. This wound requires dressing every few hours.


Here you briefly outline the role of the care plan and introduce the case study.


Based on the case study history select three priority needs or nursing problems. A nursing problem is different from medical diagnosis and describes either the physical, social, cultural, psychological, spiritual or potential health problem.  
Use the assessment data and literature using 3-5 references to support your selection of the three nursing problems. APA 6threference style. To do this, think about what are the key assessment data or things you have identified in the case study that tells you they are relevant to the problem/s? Set goals using Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (SMART) goals setting (goals and outcomes criteria). 
Identify the key nursing interventions that you will implement to achieve these goals.Outline the nursing actions, management or cares are you going to provide to achieve the goals. You may add what referrals you think are important and if any supporting resources are needed. You can discuss the storage of medications and the administration, but not the prescription of medications.
Describe what you think could be the expected outcomes for these nursing interventions (evaluation).  
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