HLT54115 Diploma Of Nursing


Wound Management Plan – please address the following:
1. Principle diagnosis of the patient which includes:
Presenting problem
Other medical conditions (including chronic health conditions)
Reason for admission to hospital
2. Evaluation of the wound management plan including:
Wound bed status (include colour/s)
Wound measurements
Condition of surrounding skin (ie intact, breaking down) 
Wound exudate (colour, consistency, odour)
Frequency of dressing change
3. The progress notes must include:
Explanation of the wound management
Pain management; includes education about pain management for patient
Expectation of healing process (elaborate more towards the physiology of healing process, ie. chronic health condition, age of the patient, location of wound) and also the type of wound healing (eg. Primary intention or secondary intension)
Actual or potential impacts of the wound discussed. You may wish to consider inability to perform normal Activities of Daily Living and complication of post-op wound
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