HLT54115 Diploma Of Nursing


Left sided heart failure following a myocardial Infarction 6 years ago Hypertension Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – Emphysema Swollen ankles and legs Benign Prostate Hypermegaly (BPH) He has been admitted to the Aged Care facility for respite and for assessment for permanent admission to a care facility. He is a past smoker. He states that he finds It hard to get around as he runs out of breath and says he stays In bed most of the day and lives alone In a large house where he has been for the past 46 years. His base line observations are as follows.
1. Plain the PathoPhysology of emphysema. 
2. Choose two vital sans that are affected by his emphysema? Explain why. 
3. Describe the pathophysiology of angina.
4. Explain the pathophysology of a Myocardial Infarction. Name one type of a MI – think about the area of the heart that may have been affected.
5. How 1 why would his past AMI have caused its CCF
6. Explain how his swollen ankles and legs are related to his CCF?
7. Explain Benign Prostate Hypermegaly (BPH)
8. What is Pulmonary Oedema? What signs and Symptoms would you be looking for in case Mr Brown started to show signs of 90?
9 Complete three nursing care plans for Mr Brown. Each plan must identify one patient problem/issue, one goal and two courses of action you would take. The outcome should then be evaluated.
10. State the general role of Allied Health workers providing patient care.
11. List those that should be Involved in Mr Brown’s care to ensure that when ho is discharged home, he will be able to live safely until he makes a decision to move into permanent care. Describe in detai their role and how they will assst Mr Brown (6 marks) 
1. Whet Is the difference between a TIA and a stroke. explain the PalhOPelYsi0102Y7
2. Define and expkan the acronym FAST.
3. Explain looking at his current ctiservatons. which any would you be concerned about?Mehemet, you do. if anything about his observations?
4. List four signs and symptoms Jack may have presented with when dagnosed with a PE. (ements)
5. Define dyspnoea. Define tachycarcia. Define haemoplyas and diaphoresis.
6. Entail the pathcphysiology of asthma.
7. How would you position Jack If he was IIslang an asthma Mack?
8. What would you expect to happen to Jack’s HR and RR if he had on asthma attack and why?
9. List two Ailed Health workers that shoud form part of the routs-discipinary team assisting jack to rehabilitate foltming his stroke. Expbin what their role would be. (3marks) 
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