HLT54115 Diploma Of Nursing


In this written assignment, you will be making a determination about which of the five situations are appropriate uses of social media as a nurse and nursing student. For each situation, determine whether it is an appropriate use of social media and your rationale for your decision.

  1. Janet is a nursing student and is very excited about her first day on a medical-surgical unit. After her shift she texts her mother to tell her about her experience. She wants her mother to know all she learned.
  2. Linda, a nurse who works in surgery, likes to blog and uses it to share with other nurses best practices at her hospital.
  3. Danny, a senior nursing student, feels a responsibility to help other nursing students in his program. He sends a group email to the students in the class behind him giving them his evaluation of a faculty member in an upcoming class.
  4. Johnny, an experienced nurse on the pediatrics unit, was very sad about a client that had just passed. She called her husband to let him know what happened as a way to help herself feel better.
  5. Last week there was a party on the unit and many photos of staff as well as clients were taken. Lois placed the photos on Facebook.
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