HLT54115 Diploma Of Nursing


1. Background of the study
a. What is the health issue that provides the focus of this study?
b. Generally, what have been the results of previous studies of this issue?
c. What is the significance of the study?

2. Overview of the research design
a. What was the aim of the research?
b. What research design was used?
c. Describe the main characteristics of the research design identified.
d. How did the research design chosen meet the aim(s) of the study?

3. Sampling
a. What were the characteristics of participants in this study?
b. What are the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the sample?
c. Why is it important to have these criteria identified before recruitment starts?
d. What sampling technique was used in this study?
e. How was this sample appropriate for meeting the research aim?

4. Data collection
a. How were the data collected?
b. What specifically did the researchers do?
c. How did this data collection method fit the aims of the study?
d. What might have been some advantages and disadvantages of this method of data collection?
e. From your understanding of the weekly readings, what if any, are some alternative methods of data collection that these researchers could have chosen?

5. Data Analysis and results
a. How were the data analysed?
b. Was the data analysis method appropriate for the study question and the research design?
c. What did the researchers say about the rigour of their analysis?
d. How did the researchers describe the significance of the results?
e. Into which other settings can these results be generalised?
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