HLT54115 Diploma Of Nursing


A case of Ms Marley:

Ms Marley is an 80 year old woman who was admitted to the Surgical Ward of her local hospital following a fall which resulted in a fractured Right Neck of Femur. She had this surgically repaired 4 days ago and is about to be transferred to a Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Unit with a plan to discharge her home in a week. She has a history of hypertension and osteoporosis and has a significant hearing deficit, requiring bi-lateral hearing aids, which she does not like wearing. She lives with her two dogs and is an enthusiastic volunteer for Meals on Wheels and the local Library. She has a daughter who lives locally.

She tells her story:

“I tripped and fell over one of my dogs as I was going to feed them, such a nuisance, my GP told me to be careful of falling because of my osteoporosis. I am very keen to get back home to my pets and garden though I do feel a bit worried about falling again now. I have had quite a bit of pain with this operation and today it is quite bad again. The nurses are worried about my wound as it is a bit red, I’m sure it will be alright. It’s hard to sleep in here – even with my hearing troubles it is very noisy! I’m feeling very tired but trying to do my best, I want to be able to get back to my busy life, I am very active and need to be able to drive and get around”.

Nursing Care and Rationale. Outline the current nursing care requirements /nursing actions for Ms Marley, focusing upon Roper, Logan and Tierney’s activities of living of :

  1. Maintaining a safe environment
  2.  Mobilising
  3. Sleeping

Provide rationales for the nursing actions that are implemented. These rationales must be based on evidence from the academic literature and relate to the registered nurse’s scope of practice. It is strongly encouraged you review your Holland et al (2013) text and make reference to relevant information, as well as seeking other appropriate evidence from academic literature to support your discussion.

Your description of Ms. Marley’s current nursing care requirements and nursing actions should include:

  1. A  description of the primary & secondary information you would require to plan Ms. Marley’s care
  2. Identification of any assessments you would need to undertake
  3. A  description of the nursing interventions that would be required
  4. An outline of how Ms. Marley’s nursing care would be evaluated
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