HLT54115 Diploma Of Nursing



To demonstrate an understanding of how nursing concepts can be explored, and understood based on the lens of different ontological beliefs, assumptions and ways of examining nursing practice.

You will select one nursing concept relevant to your nursing practice. You will then select 3 of the 4 ontological traditions to examine in depth the nursing concept through the 3 different ontological lenses.

The paper will include:

1) Choose a nursing concept/phenomenon and examine the history of the concept/phenomenon and how it has been defined and changed over time;

2) Using each of the 3 ontological lenses, examine how it has been studied and informed nursing practice through knowledge development;

3) Identify if there have been any practice or ethical issues related to the nursing concept/phenomenon and the different ontological traditions;

4) Examine and explain any controversies and intersections that occur when comparing the concept across ontological traditions; and

5) Based on your own knowledge values and beliefs, discuss which ontological tradition would best guide your own nursing practice for the nursing concept;

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