HLT54115 Diploma In Nursing


Read carefully through the information below about Mr Nigel Wheeler, a new patient on your ward. Study the nursing care plan which has been created for Mr Wheeler – there are some important points missing in this plan. You must fill in the blanks (bullet points&/or numbers) to ensure complete quality care for this patient.  


Nigel is 86 years of age. Nigel lives in his own home with his wife. Nigel has just been admitted to hospital ashe has had a series of falls over the past few weeks and his Dr wants to investigate why this is happening so frequently in recent months.  Nigel is getting increasingly difficult to manage at home as his wife, who is 84 years old, is quite frail and displaying early signs of dementia. 

Medical Diagnosis:

Osteoarthritis, falls for investigation, pressure injury, constipation and depression

Care Related Needs:

His mobility is affected by pain associated with his OA. Nigel is only able to ambulate with assistance, which impacts his ability to perform ADL’s.  Nigel finds it difficult to get around and becomes exhausted and short of breath.


On the tab  Take Action, 5 points need to be filled in.

On the tab Reflect on Process is left blank and needs to be filled in.

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