HLT51612 Nursing


For this argumentative essay you are required to discuss this statement and its significance to palliative care.  You must choose to argue either for or against the legislation of euthanasia in Australia.  

You must include:

  • An introduction covering:
  • What is an ethical dilemma
  • Why euthanasia is an ethical dilemma in palliative care
  • Which side you are arguing, either for or against the use of euthanasia in Australia
  • Brief relevant background information
  • The scope and direction of your paper (what specific areas will you cover)
  • The body of the assignment covering:
  • Ethical principles in palliative care in relation to euthanasia
  • Current research and best practice in relation to euthanasia
  • A conclusion including:
  • A logical ending, pulling together all parts of the essay

** A conclusion should never:

  • Just sum up
  • End with a long quote
  • Focus on minor points
  • Introduce new material.
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