HLT51612 Nursing


This paragraph highlights my experience of administering oral medication. In my clinical practical unit (CPU) I was asked to administer oral medication. I was confused about carrying out patient and drug checks and found it difficult to follow the procedures in order. Most of the times I would continue to gather the equipment and dispense the medicine into the serving cup prior to following the five-rights and hand hygiene. My major mistake was that I did not gather the equipment prior to the procedure which led to frequent interruptions. It seemed like an easy task but upon doing it I felt extremely confused and frightened. I felt nervous while looking for the medication in the MIMS. I was afraid of misreading the information.

I was paranoid of administering the patient with wrong medication. However, it gave me an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. It helped me gain confidence. From this experience I have learnt that nurses require to understand the medical chart and need to be aware of contraindications, dosages and side-effects of the medications that need to be administered to the patient. Ultimately, it is important for the nurse to ensure it is the correct patient, dose, drug, time and route (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia [NMBA], 2016 and Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care [ACQSHC], 2017). 

To practice safe administration, I need to improve my skills by practicing effective communication and make myself familiar with using MIMS. It made me aware of the importance of five-rights. In my future nursing career I would make sure to be well-prepared before administering the patient with medication. I would make sure to follow the five-rights of drug administration and follow strict hand hygiene.

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