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The hospital separations analysed in this report were coded according to the sixth edition ofthe International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Australia Modification (ICD-10-AM). The report examines all NHMD records for people aged 65 and older that included both a community injury diagnosis (S00–T75 or T79) and an external cause code signifying an unintentional fall (W00–W19) in the financial year 2009–10. These codes could appear anywhere within the record (that is, analysis was not restricted to records that had a principal diagnosis indicating that the injury was the chief reason for the episode of hospital care).
This report also includes an analysis of NHMD records for people aged 65 and olderthat included the diagnosis code R29.6 (tendency to fall, not elsewhere classified). Two major aspects of hospitalised fall-related injury are covered:
1. The annual incidence of new cases.
2. The burden to the hospital system (the additional admitted patient episodes of fallrelated care, the health interventions undertaken and the patient days attributed to these episodes).

The structure of this report is similar to that of reports for previous years. Chapter 2 presents the estimated annual incidence of fall events resulting in injury and hospitalisation in 2009– 10 for people aged 65 and older, while Chapter 3 describes the characteristics of these fall injury cases, including the mechanism and circumstances (place of occurrence, activity when injured).

Chapter 4 discusses the burden to the hospital system of fall-related episodes of admitted patient care. The section briefly describes a set of separations omitted from Chapters 2 and 3; the hospital records that meet our definition of an incident case, but have been generated through an admitted patient’s transfer from one hospital to another (‘inward transfers’). Including these separations in incidence estimates would result in the multiple counting of some injurious fall events. Chapter 4 also presents estimates of additional hospital episodes involving fall-related injuries for people aged 65 and older in 2009–10, principally admitted patient care that can be characterised as either ‘fall-related follow-up care’ or ‘other fallrelated’ hospital separations.
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