HLT51612 Diploma Of Nursing


Roles and functions of Professional and industrial bodies relevant to EN practice.Quality improvement programs, performance appraisal processes, practices and accreditation standards Role of evidence based practice Patterns of nursing care (Functional/team/client assignment and primary nursing) History and development of modern profession of nursing, knowledge of nursing theorist and their work.
You can be creative with these topics but also make sure you remain factual. Include some considerations:
• Roles of the Enrolled nurse, Registered nurse and other health professionals
• Practicing a holistic approach to the care of the client
• Supporting individuality of the client
• Role of professional, legal and ethical standards
• Promoting a positive image of nursing
• Time management
• Work within context of practice and within boundaries of work role
• Application of critical thinking and analyses
Provide an interesting presentation using supporting resources, power point slides, props,pictures, handouts, posters, brochures, information on white board, asking audience questions.
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