HLT51612 Diploma Of Nursing



To provide a critical analysis of clinical leadership within a specified healthcare context.


A written report containing a description of the clinical leadership scenario and the analysis of leadership approach, impact, challenges, and recommendations for leadership development.


You will select a leadership scenario, that is representative of clinical leadership as set out in the ACN White Paper on Nurse Leadership (2015). You need to provide a descriptive narrative of the healthcare context, leadership approach, role(s), and practices that are relevant to this scenario. You will then write a report in which you present an analysis and critique of the clinical leadership set out in the scenario concerning:

· The leadership approach

· The leadership roles and practices

· The expected impacts/influence on patient outcomes, the work environment and the workforce

· The challenges that may impact on leadership approach and practices

· Any recommendations for development or change in approach, and/or practices together with justification for these.

Reference: Australian College of Nursing (ACN). (2015). Nurse Leadership, White Paper. ACN, Canberra.


· Application of leadership theory

· Analysis of influence of clinical leadership

· Analysis of challenges

· Justification for any recommendations for leadership development in the context of the scenario

· Information literacy skills: use of sources and citations

· Written presentation including structure, grammar, application of referencing protocol (Harvard or APA 6th edn.)


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