HLSU233 Nursing


In this assignment, you are required to:

1. Choose a chapter from the textbook that you are going to do this assessment with.

2. Write three (3) one-sentence bullet points that represent new understandings about the meaning or nature of the chapter’s topic.

3. Provide a link to information about one (1) additional resource such as a book, article, website, movie (fictional or documentary), or news item that has similar themes that amplify the chapter.

4. Write a paragraph that relates the chapter you have chosen to an example from your current or past experience.

5. Click on the assignment submission link and, in one post, submit your responses to the above. We suggest you have all of your material available before you access the assignment submission link so everything is ready to go.

6. After you have posted your contribution, you will be able to see what others have posted. To complete your assessment, you need to read and comment on at least two other students’ contributions. When you reply, you need to make substantive comments. You can do this by:

• identifying similarities and differences between various students’ postings
• connecting ideas to ideas, concepts, or themes from the textbook,
• providing additional supportive insights or resources

It’s up to you. But you need to avoid responses that are just I agree or I disagree.
Check out the rubric to see how the marks for this assignment will be allocated.
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