HLST259 Mental Health Nursing


Activity 1: Information gathering skills

You need to select one article, Then undertake a search for at least two other articles on the same theme as the chosen article. Select some relevant key words from the article you chose that will help you search for other articles.  

Post the following before the seminar to your e-learning group and tutor

  1. A list of key words you used to find article on the chosen theme.  
  2. Put the articles you found in a reference list as if you were presenting them for an academic piece of work .
  3. A brief description of how you went about searching. For example, did you use databases or did you go to the library to find paper copies of articles in journals?

Activity 2: Reading and comprehension skills  

Using the article that you have selected for your assignment, read it thoroughly and make a summary of the content.

For the seminar you will need to be able to write:  

  1.  The full reference of the article (in the same style as in activity one)
  2.  A summary of the content of the article

Activity 3:

Linking the article to your future role as a mental health nurse

Write in no more than a page, how the article you have chosen for your assignment relates to your role as a mental health nurse

For example, does the content of article influence any of the following?

  • your actual clinical practice, 
  • the way you think about your professional role, 
  • facts about a particular subject, .i.e. you have become more knowledgeable about an aspect of care or service provision 
  • government policy that determines care provision
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