HLSC122 Evidence For Practice


Topic: Effectiveness of e-cigarette

Part A

Consider the strengths and limitations (critically appraise) the research paper using the questions below.


  1. Discuss strengths and limitations of:
  2. authors’ expertise based on their cited qualifications and affiliations;
  3. conflicts of interest or possible grounds for bias in the paper.

Research Questions aim or hypothesis

  1. Outline the research study’s question/s, aim or hypothesis and present the author’s justification/s as to why their study was needed.

Research Design

  1. Discuss the research design and whether the research design was appropriate for the stated research question/s?

Research Methods

  1. Discuss the methods the researchers used for: selecting study participants and for collecting and analysing data?
    What were the strengths and limitations of the methods used?

Results and limitation of the study

  1. Discuss whether the results/conclusions of the study answer the research study’s question/s.

Part B

Application of research evidence into clinical practice considering the given scenario and clinical question.

  • Discuss whether you would use the information from the research paper you have critically appraised in clinical practice?
  • describe the barriers to the application of research into clinical practice?
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