HIIT 102 Healthcare Delivery Systems Assignment

HIIT 102 Healthcare Delivery Systems

Module 12 Assignment 1:   Ch. 12Home Health Care

Points:  20


Complete this assignment after reading Chapter 12 in the Peden textbook and after completing the Chapter 12 review questions.



Instructions:Answer the questions below in a separate Word file.  Name the file LastName mod 12 assn1and attach to the assignment submission link in the Module 12 folder.

  1. Identify six services that home care agencies deliver.5 points


  1. What is the OASIS-C1, and what is its purpose?5 points


  1. Explain how Medicare reimburses home health care agencies for the provision of care to patients.5 points


  1. Compare and contrast home care coding with hospital inpatient coding.
    5 points


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