Health Promotion Program Proposal

Post an update on the progress you are making on your Health Promotion Program Proposal.

Topics for discussion include methods used to assess the health needs of your chosen community, how program stakeholders were identified, collaboration strategies you propose, and program goals and objectives.
length 1 page

APA format

McKenzie, J. F., Neiger, B. L., & Thackeray, R. (2013). Planning, implementing, and evaluating health promotion programs: A primer (6th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Pearson.

Chapter 4, “Assessing Needs” (pp. 71–110)
Chapter 6, “Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives” (pp. 141–161)
Chapter 9, “Community Organizing and Community Building” (pp. 255–277)

Schulz, A. J., Israel, B. A., Coombe, C. M., Gaines, C., Reyes, A. G., Rowe, Z.,…Weir, S. (2011). Community-based participatory planning process and multilevel intervention design: Toward eliminating cardiovascular health inequities. Health Promotion Practice, 12(6), 900–911.

Havent been using book much most info in online. I have attached the health promotion I chose and had submitted on initial discussion post.

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