Health And Care Professions Council (HCPC) And Standards Of Proficiency For Dietitians

Read the Case Study and Write a discussion of how one of the chosen placement case scenarios has met and/or breached the HCPC Standards of Proficiency or HCPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics and the impact of this on dietetic practice (500 words).

Case Study 2
A student in week 10 of placement 2 is having some problems with his supervisors. Most of the supervisors are nice and he has been working with them since the beginning of placement so he feels that he has learned the way they like to work well. Two weeks ago, he started working under a different dietitian and her feedback has mostly been negative. It feels like he can’t do anything right for her. Whenever he finishes with a patient, she always asks him to explain why he has taken that approach to what he has done. He feels challenged and doesn’t like being put on the spot like this. It doesn’t seem fair that she has different expectations of him when he has learned the way that the other dietitians prefer.

His university tutor is due to visit for the end of week review as the supervisors are concerned about his performance. They feel that he is not taking on board feedback and is not able to justify his treatment plans. This doesn’t make sense to him as he has mostly just stayed quiet when receiving feedback as he hasn’t agreed with it and he has showed the supervisor examples of where the previous supervisors used the same practice he has. In preparation for the meeting, he fills in the end of week review form focusing on what he has done to meet each learning outcome. He doesn’t put anything in the areas for improvement as he wants to show that he is passing the placement. He plans to ask his university tutor for advice on strategies for dealing with the change in supervision.

He is starting to feel very stressed and is finding it difficult to complete thorough work without making mistakes. On the day before the meeting, a nurse meets him on the ward and tells him that she thinks he might have put the wrong feeding plan in a patient’s bedside chart as it doesn’t match the medical notes. She wants to check which one is correct. He checks and realises the medical notes are correct. He apologises to the nurse and replaces the feeding plan with a correct one. His supervisor has not signed off this new plan but he doesn’t want this to affect his meeting and he knows the plan is safe as she had signed off the medical note entry. He doesn’t think anyone will notice so he leaves it as it is.

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