GLS101 Promoting Excellence Program


This module learning about Promoting Excellence in Older People’s Care in nursing. Please read and watch attachment information including website and reference I attach below. To include Singapore Older People Care. Answer all highlighted questions. Write in a case study in this assignment. Use simple and easy understand English. Care Plan use the template that I attach for you. Rational must have evidence base. Goal must link to Senses. Give 3 needs and goals. If can just choose simple case study which older people have problems like diabetes, dementia and other.
Examine the relationship between the aging population and the health care priorities within nursing practice today. 
Evaluate evidence-base for the assessment, planning and evaluation of holistic and compassionate care for older adults and their families. 
Evaluate the concept of healthy ageing and the national and international strategies for health promotion. 
Critically explore the effectiveness of nursing theories and approaches to working with older people who have complex needs. 
The format of the assessment is an essay with the inclusion of a plan of care related to a relevant and agreed case study. The assessment is designed to allow you to meet the four learning outcomes above.
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