Gerber Spokes-baby with Down syndrome Homework

Eugenics & how your facility may implement a plan for the future


Lucas Warren, the first-ever Gerber Spokes-baby with Down syndrome (2018).

According to Caitlin Fendley, a Purdue University PhD. candidate who has studied the history of medicine in 20th century:

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Gerber Spokes-baby with Down syndrome Homework
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“The scientist Richard Dawkins sparked controversy when he tweeted that, aside from the moral problems, Eugenics would work  “in practice”.

While that remark is shocking, Dawkins is hardly alone in accepting the premise at the heart of eugenic science and population-control theory.

Last year, a group of 11,000 scientists signed a statement urging population control to slow human exploitation of Earth’s fragile resources. With climate change finally a topic of urgent debate, some have argued that limiting population growth — if not Eugenics — could be part of saving the planet.” (Fendley, 2020).

Discussion Assignment

As a nurse, you are asked to speak at a peer luncheon to your colleagues. 

The topic is Eugenics & how your facility may implement a plan for the future. 

Please compose your take on Eugenics, both historic and current,

and your recommendations to your colleagues for research and future interventions using Eugenics – APA please.


Fendley, C. (2020 ). Eugenics is trending. That’s a problem. The Washington Post.

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