GDN3988 EPortfolio


A portfolio is beyond the mere collection of artefacts that show a person’s professional background, experiences and competencies. It puts together knowledge and evidence in an organised manner that substantiate a certain competency level and reflect the expectations, standards and goals for an intended career development (Andre & Heartfield 2011). This is my primary purpose of developing an e-portfolio. This $.915osed e-portfolio plan will serve as framework in the process of developinea coherent description and presentation of the competencies I have achieved as well as the goals and strategies which I intend to implement in order to achievx my chosen advanced.
According to the Australian Nursing and Micl,wrfery Federation (2009), a clinical educator possesses the qualification of a Bachelor of Nursing degree plus a postgraduate study in nursing and education with 5 to 10 Years of clinical experience post registration. The scope of practice includes managing the education and learning of nurses in the unit or hospital (ANMF 2009). Ine.blidition, completion of an assessor’s program or a qualification in workplaceaining and assessment is also another criterion (NSW Government Health 7). After completion of the Graduate Diploma in Nursing, I expect to get an RN potion in a hospital that would give me substantial clinical experience particular the medical-surgical field. After which, I aim to enroll in a master’s program specliasing in that area and then obtain a training and assessment qualification.
The portfolio serves to meet the performance requirements set by an employer nursing role which is a clinical nurse educator. and as an individual resource of evaluating and planning career preferences (Andre & Heartfield 2011). The structure of the e-portfolio will follow the format presented by Andre and Heartfield (2011). It begins with the table of contents to provide the reader an overview of the portfolio as well as toguide the reader of the locations of the specific details. This will be followed by a brief explanation of the purpose of the portfolio and how that purpose can be achieved. The next section will be the personal details  and the narration of the career-related experiences. Specifically, it will include the name contact details of professional registration, qualifications and education summary of employment, present position and its description, professional memberships if any and referee details. Additional details such as personal career goals” and practice scope statement will also be incorporated to add substance the portfolio. Furthermore, competency statements and standards that relate to the intended career position will , show focus and commitment to professional advncement. Lastly, the appendix section will cover the documents or artefacts that will support data presented earlier. As Andre and Heartfield (2011) stated, the bulk or the quantity of pages inside the portfolio does c.,  not equate to quality. Therefore vital to include only those pertinent competencies and standards. To ensure comprehensive and valuable content, the Gibbs reflective cycle will be utilised which e ‘impasses description of an event, identification of one’s feelings toward the situatiblY, evaluation about the experience, analysis on what sense can be acquired frotii,conclusion on the issues affecting the situation and determining possible actionsillat could have been done and setting an action plan in case similar situation 
arises (Andre & Heartfield 2011). Through this process, the e-portfolio will have a systematic form and will reflect my significant personal and work developments as well as future career goals.
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