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Florence Nightingale’s environmental theory of nursing is considered the origin of the modern nursing practice. The theory changed the face of nursing by incorporating the restoration of a patient’snormal health status into the process of healthcare delivery (Hegge, 2013).

Identification of the theorist

… In her book “Notes on Nursing”, Nightingale states that nursing is an act of using and manipulating the environment of the patient in order to improve the recovery process(Selanders, 2008).

The Environmental Theory of Nursing   

…..Nightingale’s observations, which she wrote in her book “Notes on Nursing”, became the foundations of her Environmental theory of nursing.

…Health is the unmaking of what God has made diseases…” (Selanders, 2008). This means that the goal of the nurses is to ensure that the clients recover from a disease or condition in order to retain the normal status.

…Nightingale’s environmental theory of nursing defines some“ten canons of nursing” attached to the concepts (Hegge, 2013).

Reasons for selecting Nightingale’s theory

…Her idea revolutionized nursing and medical care practice after realizing that the safety of the physical conditions, the appropriate psychological support, the right diet and proper nursing care and management should be maintained to reduce the chances of infection and enhance the process of recovery

Application of Nightingale’s theory of nursing to personal nursing practice (RN nursing)

….In the modern nursing practice, Nightingale’s theory can be applied in the development and establishment of the basic views of care planning and management. As a registered nurse (RN), I workin a telemetry Step-down unit in a health care facility, where I have been since graduating in 2003.

… registered nurses are required to provide the right directions and guidelines for the appropriate physical environment (Libster, 2011).


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