examine the functionality of health care patient intake form documentation

Creating a Patient Registration Form

Technology in health care continues to advance, yet there is still a time and place for paper documentation. One of the most common paper documents is a patient intake form.


For this week’s assignment, you will examine the functionality of this type of documentation, and offer improvements. For this assignment, you will create a patient registration form. You may use an existing form as a guide, and make revisions as necessary when creating your document.

Your form should be one page in length, formatted in a clean, professional manner. Key data that will be used in EMR reporting should be in boldface text. On a separate page, briefly summarize why each of the key data points are important for reporting purposes. A minimum of three references, in APA format, should be included on a separate page. Sources may include forms used to create your document. Please review the rubric to ensure that your assignment meets criteria. Submit: Patient Registration Form Document with the summary of the data points.

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