Evidence-Based Decisions about Healthy Food Options

Assessment: Food Article
Length: 1,200 words
(not including the reference list)



Learning Objectives Assessed:
• Make evidence-based decisions about healthy food options
• Critique the origins, philosophies, and concepts of ‘food as medicine’
• Locate, evaluate and synthesise evidence-based information on the therapeutic benefits of foods,
nutrients and phytonutrients
• Utilise the evidence base to investigate the nutritional and therapeutic benefits of ‘functional foods’ in promoting wellness and treating and preventing chronic diseases and make specific recommendations for inclusion in the diet based on available research
• Investigate factors affecting food quality and critically assess information on food regulation as it pertains to your region
• Analyse issues relating to the wider social context of food production and consumption
Students will select one food covered in the course and prepare an article about the food suitable for publication in an English-language journal or professional publication of their choice. The article should include a discussion of: nutrients, phytonutrients, therapeutic claims, factors affecting quality, therapeutic recommendations, safety issues etc.
Choose ONE of the following topics:
• Garlic
• Oats
• Chocolate
• Fish
• Yoghurt
• Blueberries

Assessment guidelines:
• Demonstrate a clear understanding of the information provided.
• Evaluate the information to make clinically relevant recommendations. For example, ‘Food ‘A’ contains nutrient ‘B’ and clinical studies demonstrate that dose ‘C’ of nutrient ‘B’ is required to provide effect ‘D’.
• You could also include a list of nutrients/ phytonutrients found in the food, the amount of key nutrients found in a typical serving size, epidemiological data showing lower incidence of certain diseases in people who consume a lot of the food etc.
• Where relevant, identify areas of clinical concern and safety issues including possible toxicity (overdose), adverse reactions, cautions, and drug interactions
• Also consider suggestions for purchasing, storage and preparation of the food.
• Ensure your work is adequately evidence based and fully referenced. This requires you to incorporate authoritative sources of information to support your discussion. Please note that ‘Wikipedia’ is NOT an authoritative source of information.
• You will need to incorporate a wider range of resources than those suggested in the activities for sessions 2.4-2.9 (although these resources should also be incorporated where relevant).
• Provide appropriate, accurate and up to date information.
• Where possible local (depending on your region) resources and statistics should be included.
• Consider how you may best grab the reader’s attention (remember most people will not read the whole journal/ magazine but flick through to see if anything stands out)
• Feel free to include boxes, summary points, practice pearls etc in order to give the reader a quick summary of your message and get your point across in fewer words
• Any pictures should be relevant, clearly referenced (unless they are your own), and not make the document size greater than 1MB.
• A professional writing style is essential
• Include a catchy title and your byline g. Jessica Jones is a practicing pharmacist and a ‘Master of Wellness’ student at RMIT University.
• The word limit must be adhered to as this is essential for most publications (warning: if you don’t self-edit someone else will and not to your liking)
• Please include a word count (this must be accurate). The reference list should not be included in the word count.
• A full reference list should be included at the end and in-text references used throughout the document. This should generally use the style prescribed by the journal. If not a style of your choice e.g. Harvard or Vancouver.
• Proof read your work carefully for spelling, grammar and flow prior to submitting. If English is not your first language it may be useful to have a native English speaker read your work and provide you with feedback.

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