Evaluation Approaches and Types

Begin the evaluation section of the course by Reviewing the “Evaluation Approaches and Types” from the “Evaluation Toolkit” website. There are two basic philosophies of program evaluation, formative and summative evaluations. Under each category or philosophy, you will find examples. Read the information at the website and then research program evaluations.¬†Find two examples of different types of formative and two different types of summative evaluations.¬†Highlight the mission, goals, objectives and activities, method used to collect data, any instruments, participants, and results.¬† State the type of evaluation-not just formative or summative, but the specific type (e.g. formative-needs assessment, formative implementation, formative process, summative outcome, summative impact, summative goal-based, summative cost effectiveness analysis, or others). Clearly define the type of evaluation by definition and explanation of how the evaluation was carried out. Your goal is to identify different types of evaluation and explain the key components of each type using specific examples from your sources.

The typed paper should be no less than two full pages- at least half a page for each evaluation type. Include a cover page in APA style 7th edition for student papers. If you need to review how to format the cover page refer to examples and tutorial under weeks 6-8. NOTE: evaluation is an area students have problems with on the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam. This activity is worth 20 points -5 points for each evaluation type.

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