EBP in Nursing

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

Purpose and Overview
The purpose of this assignment is for a student to demonstrate his or her ability to integrate the knowledge gained in the previous assignments, including the clinical question developed, the evidence collected from research studies, and the critical appraisal of those research studies.

• Prepare a final synthesis paper.
• Incorporate your clinical question, the evidence review conducted (include databases used), and a summary of your critical appraisal with your final summary statement.
• Indicate if the evidence is sufficient to support a practice change and any gaps in knowledge.
• Describe a proposed practice change.
• Using one of the EBP or change models discussed during this course, write a comprehensive implementation plan for the proposed practice change.
• Identify potential barriers and how you would deal with them.
• Include an evaluation plan.
• What outcomes would you measure?
• Provide a timeline for implementation and evaluation of your proposed changes.

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