Discuss the legal, ethical, and economic implications of health promotion

Read :

  • Cummings, D., Reed, M., & Chobotar, T. (2014). Creation health discovery: Your path to a healthy 100 (5th ed.). Orlando, Florida: Florida Hospital Publishing (ISBN: 9780983988182)
  1. Complete the assigned reading: Chapters 3 and 5
  2. Review the discussion rubric.
  3. Contact your faculty if you need any clarification.
  4. Chose one of the issues below involving a health promotion ethical dilemma:
  • Removal of parental rights of obese children.
  • Regulation of food industry: marketing, fat content, sugar content, smart snacks bill, and portion size.
  • Hiring requirements: non smoker, BMI, engaged in health behaviors.
  • Legislation to improve employee health.
  • Legislation supporting primary health & wellness services.
  • Health disparities: access to health care, food security, morbidity and mortality.

Address these questions:

  1. Briefly state your ethical dilemma of choice: legal, ethical, and economic implications.
  2. Compare and contrast the pros and cons of a regulatory/legislative approach (i.e. duty of protecting society) vs individual autonomy (i.e. personal civil liberties) to health promotion and wellness.
  3. Which of the 2 approaches you believe would best advocate for health and wellness for your ethical dilemma? Use your Code of ethics as one of the resources to support your response.
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