DC713 Intellectual Disability Health Care Practice


Section 1

Demonstrate Knowledge & Understanding of:

• Biological and physiological sciences
• Social and behavioural science
• Ethics, law and the humanities
• Health promotion

To do this-

Identify learning that you have undertaken in each of these areas and how you have applied that learning during your healthcare related experience

Section 2

Intellectual Skills, demonstrate ability to:
• articulate and justify the decisions you make and the problem solving processes you use
• select and apply knowledge and skills to complex and unexpected situations
• evaluate research findings
• gather and evaluate information from a variety of sources

To do this –

1. Write a critical reflection of an incident (in practice / during Healthcare related experience) where you were required to make a difficult decision showing how and why you made the decision. And

2. Provide evidence of your understanding and ability to utilise research – this may be via certificated learning, application of research and use of evidence during degree, for example in dissertation, or in a practical way – showing how this relates to nursing.

Section 3

Practice Skills, demonstrate how you

• Work within legal and ethical frameworks.
• Work in a fair and anti-discriminatory way, acknowledging individual difference.
• used skills of observation in practice.
• use effective communication skills.
• have identified and assessed health care needs.
• have formulated plans and strategies for meeting health care needs.
• worked with others collaboratively, demonstrating consultation,      and problem solving and negotiation skills.
• have participated in quality assurance and risk management strategies.
• show a commitment to your personal development.

To do this-

1. Write a critical reflection of an incident related to working collaboratively in a team and how this relates to nursing. And

2. Identify and give a short explanation of how you have worked with a patient / client to identify their needs and how you helped to meet these needs.

These reflections should include evidence of your communication and observational skills

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