CXA184 Foundations Of Health Literacy


Fiona is 76. She lives alone in a small coastal town where she moved with her husband Ted when he retired. It’s a lovely place, but most of the services including the hospital are in the city which is 45 kilometres away.

Ted died suddenly 18 months ago. She’s been lonely since, but doesn’t like to talk about her problems. She worries she’ll bother people. Fiona worked in a shop but stopped when she had children. Her two daughters live interstate but often visit over summer and ring regularly.

Ted used to do most of the driving. Fiona is ok to get around locally but prefers not to drive at night as her eyes play up. Fiona has enjoyed an active, healthy life generally, but in the past few years has slowed down a lot. The vegetable garden is hard to keep up with, but she’s not so interested in cooking now anyway with Ted gone. Her joints hurt with arthritis. Her left knee is particularly bad.

Fiona likes to read, and goes to the local library once a fortnight when she does her shopping. However, she finds papers about her pension, or legal and health information confusing with all the different terms and details. Fiona saw Dr Huxtable for many years and felt comfortable with her. Dr Huxtable retired last year and Fiona doesn’t know the other doctors so well. She saw one when she had the flu and felt like he talked down to her.

Her father had a stroke when he was in his 70s which affected his mobility and speech. Fiona doesn’t want this to happen to her as she wants to be independent. She’s not quite sure what causes strokes.

1. Identify the key health literacy issues for your chosen person and the population group they belong to

2.Describe two important health literacy issues that may impact on the health of your case study person

3.Outline actions that could be taken to improve this person’s health literacy.

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