Critical Appraisal of Research Evidence

This work of this assignment is based on the five studies retrieved from“Annotated Bibliography of Research Evidence.”

○ Draft a critical appraisal of each of the five studies
○ Review and summarize each study for appropriate measures of validity, reliability, and applicability based on the type of study/evidence you have compiled.
○ Use the rapid clinical appraisal tools in Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt, Appendix B that are appropriate for the level of evidence that you are appraising.
○ Complete an Evaluation/Synthesis Table for all of the studies. An example of a template can be found in Appendix C.
○ Conclude the appraisal by including a summary statement, relevant to practice, from the reviewed literature which identifies the strength of the evidence and the next steps to be taken with regard to your critical appraisal.

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