CP0254 Developing Research Methods I


Emotional Touchpoint Summary

  1. Related character trait and or key aspect of personal philosophy of nursing.
  1. What emotions best capture how the Touchpoint experience felt?
  1. Why do you think you felt this way?
  1. How did you deal with or convey these emotions? What impact did your emotions or behaviour have on you and others?
  1. Tell your story: Use any medium to convey your experience and highlight your Emotional Touchpoint:
  1. What, if anything, could have been different? What have you learned from this Touchpoint experience?
  1. What factors influenced (helped or hindered) your experience / Emotional Touchpoint? How will you positively use or deal with these factors in the future to develop your nursing practice (as linked to the development of courage as a character trait)? How will you use this Touchpoint experience to develop your future nursing practice?
  1. How has this Emotional Touchpoint experience shaped your personal philosophy of nursing?
  1. What do you now need to do, learn and consider as a result of this Emotional Touchpoint experience?
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