CP 6656 Advanced Nursing Theory


Create a PRECEDE-PROCEED logic model from the Binkly paper. Describe how it can be used as both a program planning and as an evaluation tool in respect to Binkly’s specific application in oral health.

Describe the relative contributions of the assessments of the PRECEDE-PROCEED model as they are applied to the case study. Do you believe there is equal value to each assessment phase? Why or why not? Would that be the case with the application to any health issue? Why or why not?

Consider the LaPell and Rhode papers. What were the common challenges with sustainability for these programs? What are some sustainability activities either (or both) program(s) could have tried?

How closely do the Johnson and Ecktiari papers reflect the evaluation steps presented in the CDC evaluation manual? Describe the similarities and differences in the evaluation approaches. How do they compare to your own experiences with evaluation?

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