Community-Led Total Sanitation

Develop Section 2 (5–7 pages) of your Applied Project, which addresses the following:

Expand on the Annotated Bibliography from the Final Project, analyzing knowledge gaps in the literature.
Include the following:
10–15 recent (less than 3 years old) primary peer-reviewed research articles that support the topic of your proposal.

Beyond the minimum primary research articles that directly relate to your identified topic, you may add additional, high-quality secondary literature, such as reviews or meta-analyses, and you may use websites if from a scholarly and relevant source (e.g., CDC, NCHS).
Your sources must follow APA 6th edition formatting.

For each research article, include a brief description of the study aim, the methods used, and the major findings.
For each non-research source, provide a concise description of the relevant key points addressed in the source.
Include in the annotation a brief description of how you plan to use each source. •
Synthesize the literature on the needs, assets, and interventions pertaining to your Applied Project.

Describe how the resources reviewed provide a rationale for your proposed program or intervention, as well as how your project will help fill the knowledge gap and/or address the problem.
Complete the Program Outcomes Mapping Form, provided in the Module 1 Learning Resources.

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