Community Health Assessment Model Assignment

Identify a Community Health Assessment Model. (This document from the CDC lists commonly used community assessment models: ) What are some benefits of using a specific model to assess a community? What agencies should be included with the assessment? What is a reasonable time frame in which to complete a community wide assessment? What is the role of the public nurse in implementation of the chosen model?

Your initial posting should be at least 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook.


The final community assessment paper will be submitted in Module 8. This week please add the hours you have spent completing the community assessment to your practice experience hours in Project Concert for Module 7. Practice hours relate to time spent on your ‘Community Assessment’ activities. (Discussion Board work does not apply). You should have approximately 10-14 hours for Module 7’s portion of the community assessment. Minimum required hours must be entered into Project Concert in order to receive a grade for the assignment. Some states/entities require hour logs for certification or employment. It is the student’s professional responsibility to ensure all hours are entered correctly in order to meet these requirements. Review the document in the Learning Materials on directions on how to enter hours. Access Project Concert. To ensure you do not receive notice of inactivity in D2L, please submit a screenshot of your hours to the Module 7 dropbox. Access Project Concert.

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