Community and Public Health Nursing Homework Help

Community Nursing Discussion Homework

– Follow the discussion questions participation and submission guidelines.

· Minimum three paragraphs per DQ

· All answers or discussions comments submitted must be in APA format according to Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (6th ed.) 2009 ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5


· Minimum of two references, not older than 2015.

Note: All DQ submissions will be monitored for plagiarism.


Community and Public Health Nursing (3th Edition)

Authors: DeMarco, R. F. & Healey-Walsh, J. (2020) Publisher: Wolters Kluwer

ISBN: 978-1-975111-69-4

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Edition)

American Psychological Association (2019)

ISBN: 978-1-4338-3216-1

Chapter 6: Epidemiology: The Science of Prevention

1. Jeff is 11 years old and slightly overweight. His father is a truck driver who was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His mother is a licensed practical nurse at the local hospital. At a recent health science fair at his school, a student-led screening clinic documented Jeff’s blood pressure at 140/92 mm Hg.

a. Is Jeff at risk? If so, for what?

b. Utilizing the Guidelines for High Blood Pressure in Adults (American College of Cardiology, 2017), what is Jeff’s future risk from adolescence through adulthood?

c. How does epidemiologic data define hypertension in a child of Jeff’s age?

d. Are there health promotion activities that you would recommend?

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