COMM1138 College English Continuous Learning


Analyze college-level texts to distinguish motivation, structure, and cohesiveness of argument.

a. Describe audience and purpose
b. Articulate the thesis in a text
c. Outline the structure (main and supporting points) of texts
d. Distinguish between fact and opinion
e. Recognize bias in texts
f. Differentiate between valid and invalid evidence and support
g. Identify elements of style in texts
h. Identify major rhetorical modes
i. Summarize texts

Demonstrate the ability to locate, select, and organize material from a variety of electronic and hard copy sources.

a. Develop a research plan
b. Distinguish between primary and secondary sources
c. Locate information using library (Learning Commons), electronic and hard copy sources and/or by conducting primary research
d. Select materials based on topical relevance
e. Organize research materials
f. Document sources using one of the standard formats (APA or MLA)

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