CNA742 Nursing Interventions For Paranoid Schizophrenia For Mental Status


1. Identify relevant symptoms/manifestations of schizophrenia; 
2. Classify the presenting symptoms in accordance with the criteria of recognized psychiatric classification system;
3. Formulate appropriate strategies which may be used by nurses and other health professionals to facilitate Julie’s establishing and maintaining a state of mental health and recovery;
4. Provide a rationale for the pharmacological agents and treatment strategies adopted in relation to Julie’s condition;
5. Identify the associated behavioural and psychological manifestations which often accompany schizophrenia;
6. Outline ethical and legal issues that relate to Julie’s compliance with treatment;
7. Outline appropriate strategies for community care and identify possible sources of community support; and
8. Discuss the possible lifestyle impact that a diagnosis of schizophrenia has on the  individual, their family and/or carers and support networks.
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