CNA409 Renegotiating And Reinforcing Appropriate Care


Task Description You are required to submit a portfolio of evidence demonstrating your extensive engagement with the unit’s learning outcomes and professional reflection throughout the semester. This will be submitted as a systematic accumulation of work which demonstrate having undertaken activities / discussions / reflections and research. Mandatory (minimum) items that should be included in your portfolio include;

  • Four (4) discussion board activity entries (minimum of one from each module), demonstrating your engagement with concepts posed by the lecturer/tutors and/or responding to other students. For assessment, select what you consider are your best discussion entries from the modules. These must be attached as appendices to your summary paper.
  • Reflective episode of practice where you cared for a patient in the last year of life, and where an aspect/goal of care changed. Discuss. This piece should draw on your professional experience, personal reflection and extensive exploration of literature and unit resources. The episode of practice should be attached to your summary paper
  • Summary paper of 800 words reflecting upon your personal and professional significant insights attained through undertaking CNA409, referencing to your discussion posts, interactions with fellow students and highlighting new knowledge gained through shared communication and researched academic literature. The summary should capture examples from your practice where relevant. The portfolio should be constructed as a single document with an introduction, the summary paper, reflective episode, four of your best discussion posts and a conclusion. The introduction and conclusion do not form part of your word count and should be brief. Documents that are uploaded into the assignment folder as single items will have marks deducted against the grading criteria Assessment Criteria;
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