CNA345 Professional Practice 5


In this unit you have been following the journey of Joseph Russo from the acute- care hospital setting to his return to the community. This assessment requires you to examine how care will be transferred from the hospital to his home. Joseph is being discharged home to the same suburb/town/city in which you live (or have undertaken your most recent PEP), and therefore you will need to seek information on services available to meet his (and his family’s) complex needs in your local community. You will need to consider the transfer of information between differing services during his care transition. Mr. Russo does not wish for his admission diagnosis to be disclosed or discussed. Further information regarding this assessment is provided on the MyLO site.

Learning Outcome:

Criterion 1 Establishes goals and selects a course of action for Transfer of care.

Criterion 2 Demonstrates and applies legal & ethical principles to decision making and incorporates a strengths-based approach.

Criterion 3 Considers culturally safe care in the development of a plan of action 1 & 5

Criterion 4 Writes in a structured, succinct and well-informed manner, substantiating work with scholarly sources. Harvard referencing.

Task: Case Report

In this assessment task, you will be facilitating Joseph’s discharge from hospital to his home.

Each student’s report will be different as Joseph lives in the same suburb or town in which you reside (or if you wish the location of your most recent PEP). For example, if you live in Norwood, Joseph lives in Norwood, if you live in Sheffield, Joseph lives in Sheffield.  You will be exploring the services and options available in your local community.

This assessment requires you to demonstrate and apply the principles of shared transfer of care and the strengths-based approach to care. You will need to reconnect with the values of strengths-based care

Your strengths based nursing care (SBNC) should not only consider Joseph and his family but also the community strengths. In CNA343 you considered the construct that health and healing are influenced by patient strengths, family strengths and community strengths and how aligns with value 6 (Person and environment are integral), and this will be key to your plan. Another example is the right of Joseph not to disclose his admission diagnosis, which relates to SBNC value 5 (self-determination), which connects to the ethics of respect and autonomy.

This assessment task is not only focused on Joseph; as Joseph was his wife’s carer prior to his admission you will need to consider what needs to be put in place to support Joseph and his wife.

This is not an essay, rather a report – which gives you the freedom to include images, tables, flowcharts, headings, forms etc. Please ensure your report has a logical flow.

You may write your report in the first or third person (however do not swap between the two, be consistent).

Joseph wishes to remain in his own home, he does not wish and will not discuss the option of residential aged care for himself or Sophia (Sophia feels the same). Joseph and Sophia will also not discuss respite care options or moving to a smaller house or unit – they want to stay in their own home.

This is an example, a previous student has kindly agreed to me sharing her work. Please note the case study and criteria have both changed since this piece was submitted.

This is another example shared by a student, this student has used clinical reasoning as a framework.

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