CNA344 Becoming A RN: Practice Consolidation


A clear understanding of the clinical reasoning cycle remains important. In your previous written assessment task in this unit, you were required to explore a clinical encounter up to and including the ‘evaluation’ stage. In this paper, the focus is on extending your ‘evaluation’ phase of the cycle within that encounter and ‘reflect on new learning’ to close the cycle. Therefore, revisiting your clinical reasoning encounter analysis (Part B) is strongly advised.
Additionally, within Part B, you were required to select an encounter where something didn’t go to plan or was missed, etc. In this paper (Part C) you are going to explore ‘why’ it didn’t go to plan by selecting TWO of the nine clinical reasoning errors that potentially contributed to this as identified by Levett-Jones. -The clinical reasoning errors are detailed in the final module for this unit and will also feature in the week 9 workshops.
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