CNA344 Becoming A Registered Nurse: Practice Consolidation



A patient was admitted to the emergency department with severe chest pain, sweating, body discomfort, palpitations, breathlessness and light-headedness. He was immediately put on supplemental oxygen therapy through nasal cannula and an Electrocardiography (ECG) was performed to monitor the patient’s heart conditions. The patient was administered with sublingual nitroglycerin in conjunction with morphine to relieve the severe chest pain. The patient was given ticagrelor, a platelet aggregation inhibitor to prevent any blood clotting. A mild dose of aspirin was administered along with ticagrelor. Two hours post administration, noticeable drop in blood pressure was observed followed by severe nose bleeding; difficulty in breathing was aggravated. Monitoring the ECG showed a significant drop in pulse rate or bradycardia. Severe nose bleeding, bradycardia, dizziness and breathing difficulties and worsening patient condition post administration of pain relievers and ticagrelor raised an alert signal which brought me, as a registered nurse by profession into action.


Provide an overview of the encounter. What happened, how it occurred, etc what was it that alerted you to that fact that you needed to take action in the encounter.

In this paper, the focus is on extending Your ‘evaluation’ phase of the cycle within that encounter and ‘reflect on new learning’ to close the cycle.

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