CNA343 Strengths Based Nursing & Healthcare


Your discussion should

1.Provide an overview of what is strengths-based nursing synthesising the principles and values of SBN.

2.Demonstrate how strengths-based nursing could be implemented in Emma’s nursing care to address the healthcare needs raised in Emma’s case study .

3.identify which healthcare need you are addressing using evidence from one of the resources available to you presenting the Emma Gee case), Select one critical transition point in Emma’s journey (e.g. immediate post-surgical care while Emma was unconscious;

4.Nursing care following Emma regaining consciousness; admission to rehabilitation; discharge planning from rehabilitation; etc) and present a strengths-based nursing care plan for Emma that includes a holistic approach, a family focus and collaboration with Emma, her family and other healthcare professionals involved in Emma’s care,

5.Summarise the nursing care practices and client outcomes you would expect from implementing strengths-based nursing care complementing the medical model focus,

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