CNA342 Child, Youth And Family Health Care


You are a RN working in the Emergency Department at the Launceston General Hospital and caring for Jasper, a 4 year old boy brought into the hospital by his mother. His mother is concerned because Jasper is having difficulty breathing and this has worsened significantly in the last few hours — he is now breathing very quickly and working hard.

Jasper has a four day history of rhinorrhoea, cough and low grade fever. He has been off his food, but is drinking well. Jasper is otherwise well and is up to date with his immunisations.
Vital signs: Temperature (axillary) 39.1 degrees C; heart rate 142 beats per minute; blood pressure: 95/60 mmHg; respiratory rate 48 breaths per minute; Sp02 91% in room air.
Current condition: 4 year old in moderate respiratory distress caused by bacterial pneumonia.
You have to make a report.
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