CID460 Health And Social Care


Identified and evaluate the professional standards, ethics and codes of practice guiding the practitioner work for professional in nursing home.
You have outlined some of the strengths of the codes of practice etc. relevant to nursing homes, but you need to consider some of the possible limitations of these codes of practice etc. too. For example, you could consider the need for ongoing training of staff to ensure codes of practice are maintained, and this could present issues for smaller businesses etc. Make sure you consider some of the limitations.

Compare and contrast two means of measuring the services of nuring home and domiciliary services.

You need to mention 2 different ways of measuring the services you have outlined, such as the structure/process/outcome indicators discussed in the materials. You then need to show some similarities and differences between the measures you discuss – for example, you could look at a measure that produces qualitative data, and a measure that produces quantitative data, and you would then be able to explain some of the similarities and differences between these types of data. Make sure you talk about specific measures that could be used, and include at least one similarity and one difference between these measures.
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