Childhood Experience Hypothetical Case Study

Choose (1) one childhood experience from the list provided below. This list has been generated from the Australian Institute of health and Welfare (2020) Australia’s Children report.

Asthma in children aged 5-14

Type 1 diabetes in children aged 0-14

Brain cancer in children up to 14 years

Anxiety disorders in children aged 5-14

Dental decay in children over 12

Overweight/Obesity in children 5-14

School aged child living with an intellectual disability

Children experiencing homelessness

Low birthweight babies

Children who are exposed to or a victim of family violence

After researching the prevalence of your chosen childhood experience, develop a brief hypothetical case study (200 words or so) about a child and their family highlighting the health care setting in which you (the nurse) meet the family; the case study helps to guide your essay and provide context for your reader.

To explore the impact of your chosen childhood experience on the child and their family in the case study you have developed, read widely and address the following prompts informed by contemporary and relevant developmental, nursing and family care theory:

Outline the prevalence in Australia of the childhood experience chosen and highlight the short term, medium term and potential long term health outcomes/impact on the child

Discuss the impact (protective or otherwise) of family, culture and environment on the identified health outcomes for children identified from prompt 1

Explore the impact of the chosen childhood experience on the learning and development of the child in the case study, in light of their age/stage of development

When you (the nurse) meet the family (as outlined in your case study) how might you engage therapeutically with the child and family?

Outline age/development appropriate communication strategies that you could adopt to support child/family flourishing B

ased on the chosen childhood experience selected and the case study specifics, provide two priority nursing actions/interventions with rationales, that would advocate for positive child/family health outcomes

This essay will be developed with an introduction, body and conclusion, with correct grammar and spelling and acknowledging sources using APA 7th Edition referencing style.

Word count of 2000 words +/-10% will be maintained; inclusive of intext references, excluding reference list.

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